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Pattern Template Card 160gsm

Pattern Card for Design, Templates & Stencils 160gsm (40") 1m x 10m ***Light Weight Card***

Item # PMPC10010160



Manila pattern template card is standard for any manufacturer’s cutting room. It lays flat and firm, which makes for easier cutting and folding.

This manila pattern template card is used by fashion designers, engineering companies for templates, individual pattern makers, and in clothing manufacturing pattern departments through out the country. Create strong stable patterns that cut and fold cleanly and easily. With a smooth hard finish you can mark and notch this manila pattern template card easily.

The 160gsm Manila pattern template card is a light weight card. The weight is perfect for those who prefer a more rigid paper over the standard 50/60gsm pattern paper. At 160gsm, the card is as thick as two standard printer copier paper sheets put back to back.

At 10m, its an Ideal roll length to buy for a small project or as a sample/trial.

Detailed Specification


Width: 100 cm's (40")

Length: 10 metres

Thickness: 160gsm

Colour: Off-White

Additional Info: Supplied as a roll.

Delivery for this item starts from just £3.25!

This pattern template card is also available in longer lengths (90m) and also in other thickness's including 250gsm, 320gsm, 400gsm and 540gsm. See other listings.


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Product Specific FAQ's

Q: What is the width of the card?

A: 100cm or 40"

Q: What is the thickness of the card?

A: 160gsm

Q: How will the card be posted?

A: It will be posted as a roll so no fold lines.