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80x80x12.7mm EPOS Thermal Till Rolls

80mm EPOS Thermal Till Rolls

Item # PM807612T
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Thermal Printer Rolls from PaperMart are the ideal rolls for your printer. When you want to minimize wastage and maximize margins, choose Thermal Printer Rolls from PaperMart.

Detailed Specification


  • High Quality 80mm Thermal Paper Rolls
  • 20 Rolls Per Box
  • Width of Roll: 80mm
  • Core Size: 12.7mm
  • 75m in Length (Lasts Longer Than Other Rolls)
  • Epson Approved Thermal Paper

Compatible with the Following Printers – Casio UP-360, Citizen CBM1000, Citizen CBM230, Citizen CBM231, Citizen CBM232, Citizen CBM233, Citizen CBM253, Citizen CT-S300, Citizen iDP310, Citizen iDP3210, Citizen iDP3221, Citizen iDP3310, Epson TM88 Printer, Epson EU-T432, Epson EU-T532, Epson IR-320, Epson IR-700, Epson M-129B, Epson M-129C, Epson M-129H, Epson M-T301, Epson M-T301A, Epson T-90 Series, Epson TM-88, Epson TM-88I, Epson TM-88II, Epson TM-88III, Epson TM-H5000II, Epson TM-H6000, Epson TM-H6000II, Epson TM-T80, Epson TM-T85, Epson TM-T88, Epson TM-T88I, Epson TM-T88II, Epson TM-T88III, Epson TM-T90 Series, Posligne TRP-100, Geller BTP-2002NP, NRP-2000, TRP-100, ODP-200, TM200, SAM4S Ellix 10/20, SAM4S SRP-350/370, Uniwell CBM 123, Uniwell CBM 223 , Uniwell CBM 233, Uniwell SX7500, Uniwell SX8000, Uniwell SX8500, Uniwell SX7500, Uniwell TP-832, Samsung SRP-350/370, Star TSP100/113/143, TronicPos 801, TronicPos 802, Plus Many More Printers

Compatible with the Just Eat terminal printer


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