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57 x 40 x 12.7mm PDQ Thermal Rolls

57x40x12.7mm PDQ Thermal Rolls

Item # PM574012T
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Thermal PDQ rolls for use in chip and pin credit card terminals.

PaperMart only supplies paper rolls that have been approved by printer manufacturers such as IBM & Epson. For this reason, we guarantee to provide high quality paper rolls.

Detailed Specification


  • Commonly refereed to as 57x40 or 57mm x 40mm PDQ Rolls 
  • Paper Type: Thermal
  • Packed 20 rolls per box 
  • Colour: White
  • One of the most common roll sizes in the UK amongst PDQ terminals. 


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Product Specific FAQ's

Q: What are the dimensions of this roll?

A: The width of the roll is 57mm. This is the most common width amongst PDQ rolls for credit card terminals. The overall diameter of the roll is approximately 40mm. The centre core has a 12.7mm diameter.

Q: How many roll come in a box?

A: There are 20 roll per box. The rolls are wrapped in plastic for extra protection.

Q: Does it matter if there is a centre core or not?

A: Almost all PDQ credit card terminals allow you to drop the roll in to the roll holder/compartment therefore there is no real use for the centre core with regards to feeding the paper during the printing process. Your main concern about the roll is the width and diameter of the roll as the size of the roll holder/compartment in PDQ terminals very in size and depth.

Q: How many meters of paper are there on a roll?

A: There is approximately 16 meters on a roll.

Q: Where are the rolls made?

A: The paper is produced in Western Europe from approved sources. The paper is then converted in to rolls within the UK.

Q: Can i have the paper rolls custom printed with my company details?

A: Yes. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Q: Tell me more about thermal paper?

A: This paper type is used in many modern printers for applications as varied as Chip & Pin to Industrial & Gaming rolls.

The first thing you will notice about rolls using this paper type is that they are one ply & the paper has a smooth ‘shiny’ surface. Whilst thermal paper rolls are available in colours they are generally of a bright white appearance.

Thermal paper is coated with a special heat sensitive coating which reacts to the heated thermal print head in the printer mechanism. To recognize thermal paper simply run your finger nail across the surface & the heat generated by the friction will form a black image.

To ensure longevity of your print head & optimum print image on your thermal paper roll it is very important to ensure you use high quality thermal paper. We only use the best quality papers which mean that you can be assured of the highest quality at all times.